an unincorporated organisation with a bank account, constitution etc that can be joined and utilised for certain fundraising by anyone who wishes to join and whose project fits the description…


unincorporated collaborations (uc) is a not for profit arts initiative which aims to raise consciousness and create dialogue around issues pertinent to our current political and social landscape. The initiative will support a growing network of artists and others in creating art works, events, workshops and seminars. The art works/projects will take any form, encourage cross disciplinarity and work with professionals from diverse fields. The projects will take place primarily in the public realm and other venues to which an open audience is invited anywhere in the world. The work of the artists aims to engage closely with the location and its residents. The initiative (uc) will support any member in fundraising for these projects, and funds will take the form of grants, donations and other income. The initiative will also take responsibility for distributing the funds appropriately according to each project budget. And lastly the initiative will pursue its objects as defined in constitution.


thanks to Pilot Publishing and Magnificent Revolution