things that appear and disappear


For my final show at the Rijksakademie I made a series of  works thematically joined by time and the ephemeral, inaccessibly located, and impossible to touch. I was exploring how objects relate to becoming images – representation, and how seeing as an action by the viewer can therefore create something like a film in their head. My work was part of an exhibition called ‘shaken not stirred’ at La Machine à Eau in Mons, Belgium, in Summer 1996.



I had been experimenting with developing b/w photos in the darkroom on huge rolls of paper and not using negatives, but photocopies etc. I made images of a kangaroo, an astronaut, a horse, titling the works ‘things that appear and disappear’. They were installed in wrecked unused buildings on the college site, and could only be accessed from looking through a hole or window. It was December and I erected a vast christmas tree in my studio which I kept locked and which could only be seen from one of the glass corridors above. I used the tree as an exhibition venue and dressed it with my studio works, which were all very small, and in essence stayed invisible although they were on show.



May 31st – August 18th 1996


Thomas Seelig

Commissioning partners

The European Commission (DGX – programme Kaleidoscope and DGV – FSE-Article 6)