Statoil Moonlight Ball


I liked the idea of taking over this semi-public space, and to use the garage architecture to create an image, to appropriate the petrol station as a glorious illuminated arena, that was my way of trying to subvert their presence in the world.



The idea was of gate-crashing a garage. There were lots of other artists taking part in the project at The Artist’s Museum, in Lodz.. We all got second-hand fancy dress clothes, wild vintage stuff and dressed up and went to the garage. There was a drummer and we had quite a lot of vodka and occupied- danced around and took over the space for a while. Cars drove in, and out. I really liked the idea of the audience being people who had stopped to get petrol, a banal and unromantic audience, we are all drivers sometimes, and of the service station as a theatre. The people working there were watching out of the window. The police did turn up. We tried to make a film that didn’t really come out, though there is a good black and white photo of the project. We were trying to use the technology available to us in Poland then. Around that time Esso petrol did an advert of cheerleaders dancing in a petrol station at night and I was interested that they had appropriated my work. What we had done seemed obscure, although similar work exhibited in Utrecht around this time. 




Venue and location

Museum of Art, Lodz, Poland
Statoil Garage, Lodz




Charlie Citron


  • New Observations Magazine
  • Large format black and white photo
  • Video of performance
  • Photos relating to Artists’ Museum working process