Snakes in the Grass


“Shot over a period of ten years, Snakes in the Grass is a lyrical and visually poetic piece about landscape and motherhood.”

video stills


HD video

dur: 14’40”

Filmed mostly on a smartphone, during snatched moments in a busy life, when a relationship between sisters, and a watching mother, unfold. A family portrait of sorts. Haptic existence, dream time, animals, children, the weather, plant life – a series of sensory encounters / clips from interior life, this is a portrait of the interstices within a family. Snakes in the Grass alludes to the cracks and fissures under the surface of an idyll of a picturesque landscape and a rural childhood. This is a visual and audio collage, from which an insubstantial and atmospheric narrative emerges.  Moments in the kitchen, steam escaping, a reflected view in a saucepan, smoke, a dog shaped helium balloon floating skywards, driving through a snow storm, a fire at the barn, a figure lying down in a swamp. When events repeat and significant chance occurs perhaps one is documenting the future.


Lower Hewood Farm Harvest Film Festival 

Arcadia screening @ Denman and Gould, Somerset 2019


Snakes in the Grass

password (Snakes)