Snakes in the Grass


“Shot over a period of ten years, Snakes in the Grass is a lyrical and visually poetic piece about landscape and motherhood.”


HD video

dur: 14’40”

Haptic existence, dreamy time, animals, children, the weather, plant life – a series of sensory encounters / clips from her interior life, this is a portrait of the interstices within a family.  Filmed mostly on a smartphone, during snatched moments when a relationship between sisters, and an almost invisible watching mother, could unfold. Where the “going wild” in the song (bow wow wow) was maybe about to happen. Snakes in the Grass alludes to the cracks and fissures under the surface of an idyll, the absurdly picturesque landscape, of childhood.


Lower Hewood Farm Harvest Film Festival 

Arcadia screening @ Denman and Gould, Somerset 2019



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