Shave artists workshop


Shave Artists Workshops happened at Shave Farm, Bruton in Somerset between 1991 and 1995, hosted by artist Rowena Pearce and writer Quentin Seddon. Robert Loder, Rowena Pearce, Anna Best and Christian Anstice set up 1991 event, the first Triangle workshop in the UK.  Over the proceeding years the organisers were Anna Best and Ella Gibbs with one year run by artists Tanya Kovats and  David Gittings. In 1997 a further workshop took place at Nettlecombe also in Somerset, with artist Tom Wolsley hosting. The project was initially part of the Triangle Network and had charitable status, funded privately, through foundations and latterly with ACE funding. 


The annual catalogues were also documented HERE on facebook, in anticipation of a reunion event at Shave Farm, and a publication with Somerset Art Works. This was cancelled due to the Covid Pandemic lockdown and has yet to be rescheduled.

The Hermit Foundation


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