“An art school without a building and making space in time”

Prospectus is a pilot project to create an alternative form of art school for the dispersed art community of Somerset. The project brings together artists and explores how a cohort is formed over time, how allegiances develop, collaborations evolve as well as how individual practices are strengthened by peer support.

Later in Autumn 2017 we opened the structure to a wider audience sharing a series of lectures, workshop sessions and critical discussions inviting artists and the general public.

Our aims were:

  • to create a resource of audio materials (listening/learning) to share and absorb collectively, whilst apart, and also whilst travelling.
  • to initiate a mutually beneficial arrangement with existing art school facilities in the area where artists can exchange teaching skills for use of facilities.
  • to organise a learning event in our home location, e.g. lecture, workshop and discussion.
  • collating our experiments on the website via blogs posts, our forum, audio resources and our events being marketed here.

I was the lead artist on this project, and was working with Natalie ParsleyFiona Hingston, Sue PalmerJenny GrahamJon England and Isobel Adderley and Zoe Li (Programme Associate of SAW) to develop and deliver the project.

Prospectus was commissioned by Somerset Art Works with the support of Arts Council England.

For further information, see the Prospectus website or contact us on

Occupy an art school

In 2017 April, we spent five days at Huish Episcopi Academy’s sixth-form art complex, experimenting with ways of learning. We created a programme of activities, including practical sessions designed and delivered by each of the participating artists, and presentations and workshops from invited guests: art therapist Mary Caddick, artist and researcher Rona Lee and artist Lisa Cheung.

You can find our reflections in the Our Notes section of the Prospectus website.

Prospectus website:

The Cuts

23 September – 8 October

This new work responds to and subjectively documents my experiences of Prospectus, it comprises a video work, drawings and printed matter.

The video is a visual metaphor for something whole being disassembled, in this case an animal’s carcass. During the project conversation revolved around the current austerity and how it affects us, as well as being a dispersed community of artists in a rural context.

Paper Cuts 2017 is printed matter, a compilation of fragments of writing and associated images gleaned from the artist’s notes made during meetings and conversations, and whilst reading material around the subjects that arose as a group. They reflect the fragmentary voices within a collective process and the scattering of how ideas travel, in words, to flourish in another person’s mind. The images were made through photography, drawing, painting and collage, using a smart phone and desktop printer. They are assembled as a set of 3 Ordinance Survey map sized prints in an edition of 50.

Learning Events Autumn 2017

A programme of talks, workshops and events initiated, developed and organised by the group of artists participating in Prospectus. Combining our knowledge and connections, we invited artists and professionals from around the UK to create a dynamic programme that reflects our  interests in current ideas and approaches in contemporary arts practices. These events present a wide selection of disciplines in different contexts relevant to the artists and audiences in Somerset.

Artist Talk: Florian Roithmayr
SAT 30 September, 6 – 7.45pm
Artist Talk: The Art School and the Culture Shed by Matthew Cornford
THUR 12 October, 6 – 8pmArtist talk and workshop: Louise K Wilson & Stephen Felmingham
SAT 28 October, 10:30am – 4:30pm

Public Lecture: Journeys of Lactic Abstraction by Melanie Jackson
THUR 9 November, 6 – 7.30pm

Public Lecture: The Neurobiology of Beauty and Its Implications by Professor Semir Zeki
THUR 23 November, 6 – 7.30pm

Public Lecture: Mary Evans artist         THUR Dec 7th   6 – 7.30pm

More about Prospectus, please visit


The Cuts 2017
15 minutes, HD video loop

Paper Cuts 2017

inkjet prints, 3 prints in a set, print size 99 x 85 cm, Edition of 50

presented as part of FOMO and available to purchase from Somerset Art Works

Paper Cuts 2017 1/3



With thanks and acknowledgement to the Prospectus 2017 team:
Isobel Adderley, Jon England, Jenny Graham, Fiona Hingston, Zoe Li, Sue Palmer, Natalie Parsley.
Further thanks: David Coldman (butcher), Clive Sage (lamb), James Price (camera and audio), Carol Carey + Somerset Art Works, Mary Caddick, Neil Chapman + FOMO Falmouth Art Publishing Fair 2017, Force 8 Bridport, Alexa de Ferranti, Eastville Project Space, Huish Episcopi Academy, Stephen Ives, Delphine Jones Design, Emily Joy, The Osbornes, Helen & Naoise Sargeant, Rona Lee, Molly Rooke + University Centre Somerset, Martin Wooster.