la llama


La Llama International Artists’ Workshop took place at la Hacienda Tácata, Arriba near Caracas, in June 2000. 20 artists participated, half of whom were Venezuelan and the others from countries of the region and beyond. La Llama was started by Luis Romero, who was at Shave Workshop in 1995.



la santa de la llama was one of several pieces I made while I was there. The saint has an item suggested by each person on the workshop, e.g plastic bag, a globe, a loaf of bread…

recuerdos da tacata came about after a visit to the village with Luis. We got talking to the pharmacist there, Julian, who showed me his photo archive. He had all the photos belonging to the viallgers and it was like a huge unsorted family album. With Luis’s help I got hold of a space (it was a town hall or police station)  to exhibit the pictures and (with the help of a packet of ‘blu tack’ i had brought with me) an exhibition with private view took place one evening. The show was on and people came and moved pictures around, adding new ones etc.


la santa is unfired clay and lives with Luis Romero in Caracas