In their absence


I initiated a show on an abandoned plot in Bermondsey, titled ON_SITE with approximately 10 artists. We put on the show collaboratively. My work took place in a builders portacabin. I made a sculptural installation with the found items in the cabin.



The site was fabulous, something that rarely exists in central London anymore, and is now fully built up. Buddleia, heaps of gravel, raucous weeds, a hot London summer. The work I made involved digging clay out of the ground on site, and making sculptural appendages with this materials onto all the objects found in the portacabin – boots, cups etc…. The work was plagued by a group of kids from nearby who eventually set fire to the whole¬† thing. I made a photograph of the three boys – ‘Are you still here when you close your eyes’, which I showed in the Rijksakademie show – ‘is a road a place?‘ in 1995. I was travelling lot at the time and exploring how objects and situations could work as site specific/context based, as well as be shown in a different place, another country, take a new meaning, or a gallery space.




All the artists in the show

Judith Frost

Jules Mylius