Away Weekend


Away Weekend evolved out of a commission from a-n The Artist’s Information Company as part of the year of the artist. Although there was no brief I felt that the subject of the project could be the commissioners themselves. Because of the nature of what a-n do — networking, providing information to young artists — I got interested in how they organise themselves as a company and decided to take them on a bespoke team-building weekend.



I was particularly interested in how an artist’s ideas might dovetail with those of the team builders, how similar were their activities? This project was somewhat ironic although the intended humour in the project failed because the people taking part were put through a genuinely nerve racking experience. The responsibility of the artist came under close scrutiny, not for the first time; when the art approaches the real, metaphor starts to melt too close to the fire.

The weekend consisted of traditional tasks and activities – quadbikes, archery and film-making , where I commissioned a script about the a-n staff that they then acted, and an ‘interesting lecture’ by Neil Chapman. The weekend was packed with activities and with hindsight it was a scary conjunction of being an artwork and of working with people who got really affected by it. The paintballing , which was accompanied by an Ennico Morricone soundtrack on loudspeakers, was particularly contentious. There was the issue of who was responsible for the psychological aspects of the weekend – me, the director of a-n, or the individuals? I experimented with documenting the weekend by commissioning a writer to observe and notate the entire weekend’s activities and this text was then published and distributed with a-n Magazine as a free supplement.

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‘Year of the Artist’ National Media Residency with [a-n] The Artists’ Information Company, Newcastle.


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